IMPA Safety Campaign 2023

The IMPA Safety Campaign will run from 1st to 15th October 2023

We encourage all maritime pilots to report both compliant and non-compliant boarding arrangements experienced during the survey period. All reports are treated anonymously and are used only for the purpose of improving maritime safety.

To participate in the survey: 

1. Go to: Safety Campaign 2023

2. Log in with a valid email address and the 'universal password' available from your national association.

3. Answer the questions and click submit. Done!

Alternatively, you can download the IMPA Pilot Ladder Survey App here: Google Play / Apple Store 

The lived experience of maritime pilots on duty is a vital source of data used by IMPA to promote a reinvigoration of the safety culture around pilot transfer arrangements. Our most recent success is using the data to enable agreement that IMO will amend SOLAS regulation V/23 and its associated recommendations and to shape the approach to this work.

IMPA SAFETY CAMPAIGN 2023 Printable Form.pdf