Jean-Philippe Casanova

Jean-Philippe Casanova

Captain Casanova entered the Maritime Academy in 1990 and obtained his First Class Master Mariner Certificate in 2000.

Jean-Philippe Casanova is an active pilot in the Port of Marseilles-Fos since 2002 and is now President of the French Pilots Association (FFPM).

Before becoming a maritime pilot, he navigated from 1991 to 2001, principally internationally for French companies SNCM and La Méridionale. He previously embarked on ocean voyages with CGM and was chief engineer at the SRPAM (today Boluda) on the harbour tugs in the Port of Marseilles-Fos.

He did his military service as a Reserve Cadet and ended Ensign after 13 months on the surveillance frigate FLOREAL based in La Réunion Island between 1995 and 1996. 

After having exercised the functions of Quality Assurance Manager at the station in Marseilles as early as 2005, then at the FFPM from 2006 to 2012, he was elected Secretary General of this professional organization in 2012. In parallel to these functions at the French Pilots Association, he was elected Vice-President and Treasurer of the European Pilots Association (EMPA) in 2013.

Beyond his functions of representation and of promoting piloting on a national as well as European or international level, Jean-Philippe Casanova is involved in numerous areas where the sea and seamen are the main concern. He actively takes part in the development of the French maritime economy through the Executive Committee of French Ship-owners (Armateurs de France) and within the French Maritime Cluster or even at the crossroads of port professions such as the French Ports Union (UPF).

He is a member of the French Superior Council of the Merchant Marine and the French Superior council of Seafarers, as well as a Knight of the Order of Maritime Merit, and the French Maritime Academy (ENSM). He also participates on a regular basis at the sessions of IMO, the International Maritime Organization as an advisor of the French delegation.